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When it comes to YOUR fitness, don’t settle. Don’t risk injury or lose track of your progress. Personal training at American Fitness Express is the best way to meet and exceed your fitness goals.

Our personal trainers put you first, crafting a unique regimen that targets your personal abilities, strengths and weaknesses. No more discomfort or uncertainty – with your personal trainer, you’ll get the answers to all of your fitness and health-related questions, including equipment demonstrations and injury prevention.

Our staff not only excels in teaching the proper technique and regimen for every person, but also in the art of creating a comfortable, non-intimidating environment for clients, no matter their skill set.

Our fitness center offers a positive, motivational space with state-of-the-art equipment at your disposal. Our personal trainers will take you from newbie to workout pro in no-time, utilizing a range of exercise machines, freehand weights and more.

Individual training sessions cater to your schedule and fitness needs, available in 30-minute and 60-minute time slots. Not sure if you’re ready to train one-on-one? Bring your best friend, partner or workout buddy: American Fitness Express offers group training sessions, starting at just $20 a person!

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Joan Zakel – Personal Trainer

Credentials – MA in Biology (Binghamton University), BS in Biology (Villanova University), Certified Personal Trainer (ACE), CPR/AED (American Heart Association), Aquatic Fitness (SCW), Swim Instructor (over 10 years)

Philosophy – Whether it be competing as a Division I swimmer or finishing an Ironman triathlon, I have always made physical activity a priority in my life. I believe that promoting a healthy life in moderation can allow people to lead active and rewarding lives. I will work with you to develop your unique healthy exercise and lifestyle plan.

Interests – Running, swimming, cycling, triathlons, marathons

Chuck Fitzgerald - Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer

Are you currently unable to commit and motivate yourself to improving your health and body? Are you a new mom searching for a way to lose the recent weight gain? Do you have children that are currently struggling with weight or need help conditioning their fitness for an upcoming sport? Look no further, Chuck Fitzgerald is the answer to your personal training needs.

Chuck Fitzgerald has 12 years of experience as an ISSA certified personal trainer. In addition, he is currently certified in CPR and First Aid through American Red Cross. If you desire to strengthen and tone your body, lose weight, and improve your cardiovascular fitness, then choose Chuck Fitzgerald to implement the right training program to attain your goals. With his guidance you can transform your life through integration of guided fitness programs and active participation in fitness activities. Make your health goals become a reality in a caring, fun, and dynamic environment.

Our personal trainers are equipped to assist with the following fitness goals:

  • Weight-loss and/or increasing metabolism
  • Lowering stress and tension retained in the body
  • Increasing energy, mental clarity and confidence
  • Endurance and/or strength training

…And so much more!


  • Individual $60/hour rate
  • Individual $30/half-hour rate
  • Group sessions $20 each (minimum 3-4 people)

No more giving up. No more injuries. No more intimidation! At American Fitness Express, it’s personal: our trainers will make YOUR goals their highest priority.

Take advantage of our FREE 30-MINUTE EVALUATION with one of our personal trainers! No fees, no fear. Just you, your trainer and your goals.

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